fox chu

McKinsey & Company

Fox Chu is a partner in McKinsey & Company’s Hong Kong office, one of the leaders of the travel, transport and logistic practice in Asia. Mr Chu has 20 years of working experience in logistics and technology. He was invited to chair of the panel of “ecommerce logistics” in Asia Logistics and Maritime Conference, and was interviewed by The Economist and The New York Times to share insights on “double 11” effect on China logistics. Mr Chu was invited as a moderator of Global Port Group for three consecutive years, chair of a panel in Asia Logistics and Maritime Conference in 2017, keynote speaker for INTTRA Summit in 2018.  

Mr Chu co-authored a paper on Connected Ports with the president of Shanghai International Port Group in 2016. His technical paper on terminal costing model was chosen as “top 10 must read” paper by Port Technology Institute in 2015.