KUALA LUMPUR  |  OCT 10-11 2018

china in southeast asia:

Building Cooperation,

Managing Complexities

Kuala Lumpur

October 10-11, 2018


China has become a key partner of Southeast Asia in trade, investment and infrastructure development. Relations are poised to grow even stronger in the coming decade, as China’s game-changing Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and growing economy might promise to have major implications for the region. However, opportunities for regional growth do not come without risks. How can both sides cooperate better for win-win outcomes, and manage potential challenges that may emerge as relations develop?


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Join us at South China Morning Post’s China Conference, where we will gather industry experts, political officials and corporate leaders to examine China-Southeast Asia relations and the paths ahead. The event will also examine the business and investment opportunities in infrastructure, finance and tech sectors.